The Crescent Hinckley offers a wide range of units of varying size. With the impressive Sainbury's, 5 screen Cineworld cinema and 550 parking spaces in the undercroft, this really is the destination of choice – just around the corner.

Block A

  Unit Use ft²  
  A1 A1    
  A2 A1    
  A3 A1    
  A4, A5, A6 A1    
  A7 A1    
  A8 A1    
  A9 A1    

Block B

  Unit Use ft²  
  B1 A1/A3    
  B2 A1/A3    
  B3 A1/A3    
  B4 A1/A3 245 2,637  
  B5 A1/A3    
  B6 A1/A3    

Block C

  Unit Use ft²  
  C1 A1/A3 401 4,313  
  C2 A1/A3 306 3,289  
  C3/C4 A1/A3      
  C5 A1/A3    
  C6 A1/A3    
  C7 A1    
  C8 A1    
  C9 A1    
  Cinema D2    

Block D

  Unit Use ft²  
  D1 b1    

Block E

  Unit Use      
  E1 A1    
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